Authority Control & Production Bios

Denise Thompson, Director of Production

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Denise started at MARCIVE in 1983, with promotion to Director of Production in 1994.  She has responsibilitiy for authorities processing projects and oversees the conversion services department.


Candy Riley, MLIS, Manager of Metadata Services

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Candy Riley came to MARCIVE in 2011 as Authorities Librarian and is currently Manager of Metadata Services.   She oversees MARCIVE’s NACO participant section, contributing NACO records as well as creating training materials and instructing staff on NACO procedures and emerging cataloging guidelines.  She coordinates in-house cataloging and authorities projects and provides guidance for staff on complex cataloging questions.  In addition, she keeps the development team up-to-date on current industry practices and areas for future development.


Lisa Cavalear, MLS, Metadata Librarian

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Lisa Cavalear joined MARCIVE Inc in 2017 and is currently Metadata Librarian.  She creates NACO authority records and assists with the maintenance of MARCIVE’s bibliographic and authorities database.  In addition, she stays current with industry developments and reviews programming to ensure that MARCIVE services are up-to-date and accurate.



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