Appleton Area School District

Type of Organization: School district

Project Coordinator: Paula Ducas

Address: Morgan Administrative Building, Central Media, 120 East Harris Street, Appleton WI 54911.

Telephone: 920-832-4811

E-Mail: [email protected]

Problems To Be Solved:

  1. Standardize data in the catalog
  2. Support district’s reading goals

MARCIVE Solutions:

  1. Authorities processing
  2. Reading notes enrichment

The Story:

Appleton Area School District consists of traditional schools (15 elementary, four middle, and three high schools), charter schools (15, grade levels vary), and the Appleton Cooperative Education Center. We serve 15,000 students.

Our district had authority processing done on the catalog over 10 years ago. Since then we have gone through three vendors for library automation software, one of which did not support authority records. I felt our catalog was sloppy, and we could use some help standardizing our data. We wanted to add Lexile measures to our MARC records. We needed a quick and economical way to accomplish all of this.

I priced MARCIVE and a competitor. I knew MARCIVE had been in the business a long time. I researched and knew they could meet our needs.

The district catalog has 183,255 bibs loaded into Follett Destiny. We did not load our authority records from the previous vendor, so our library database contained no authority records for over a year.

The reading goal for our district is for all students to read at or above grade level. Academic progress is measured with Lexile® Framework for Reading. Including Lexile Measures in our library bibliographic records allows our students and staff to find materials that will help them reinforce their progress and confirm that students are meeting our reading goals.

MARCIVE staff was wonderful. Their sales staff was not pushy. All the staff answered questions in a timely way, guided me through the steps from understanding the contract to testing and to loading files. They processed my data much more quickly than I expected. I had no problem loading the data and the results make it easier for our patrons to find what they need from the library catalog. I am very satisfied.

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