Are You Ready for RDA?

Significant changes and enrichment of cataloging data have been widely discussed in recent years and the impact of those discussions is now being felt by all libraries.  One of those changes is the introduction of the new standard, Resource Description & Access (RDA), as a replacement for AACR2.  Testing RDA in the U.S. and the decision to begin using RDA by some libraries has led to the establishment of new MARC fields in both the bibliographic and authority formats.  Other MARC fields unrelated to RDA have also been introduced recently such as 034 in authority records.

Whether you intend to begin using these new MARC fields right away or not, MARCIVE strongly recommends local systems be set to accept them in both bib and authority records.  Stripping out such fields results in permanent loss of potentially critical data.  Any unused fields should reside in the local database for a future time when those fields can be used. Ideally, your system will add these fields to indexing tables so the data may be used (along with older AACR2 fields) to improve access to library resources.

You should consult with your local system vendor in conjunction with the latest documentation for the MARC format on the Library of Congress website at to be sure you will be able to load records containing all of the new fields.  Documentation more specifically related to RDA is available at

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