Federal Documents As E-books

Written by Joan on August 5, 2014. Posted in Government Documents

We’ve had a number of inquiries from customers of our Ongoing GPO Database Service about records for e-books distributed by GPO. Basically, these are records for government documents titles for which there is now a format that can be read with an iPad or other electronic book reader. There are currently about 140 such titles, but the number is growing. Customers receive records for e-books only when they select the item number in the record.

These records are identified as e-books because they have an 856 $3 with either “mobi” or “epub”. Sometimes there is a 530 field with this same information.

Here is an example:

LDR   01187nam 22     i 450
001   gp 16052114
005   20140225095902.0
006   m     o d f
007   cr mn|
008   140225s2012   mdua   o   f000 0 eng c
009   032014
901   _a 16052114
037 40 _a http://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo46289
035 0 _a ocn870997523
040   _a GPO _b eng _e rda _e pn _c GPO _d MvI
042   _a pcc
074   _a 0507-G-02 (online)
086 0 _a HE 20.3152:C 79/2/2012
245 00 _a Coping with advanced cancer : _b support for people with cancer / _c National Cancer Institute.
246 30 _a Support for people with cancer
264 1 _a [Bethesda, Md.] : _b National Cancer Institute, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, _c 2012.
300   _a 1 online resource (56 pages) : _b color illustrations.
336   _a text _2 rdacontent
337   _a computer _2 rdamedia
338   _a online resource _2 rdacarrier
490 1 _a NIH publication ; _v no. 12-0856
588   _a Description based on PDF version; title from title screen viewed Feb. 25, 2014).
500   _a “Reprinted January 2012.”
599   _a Internet
599   _a Ebook
650 0 _a Cancer _v Popular works.
650 0 _a Adjustment (Psychology)
710 2 _a National Cancer Institute (U.S.), _e issuing body.
830 0 _a NIH publication ; _v no. 12-0856.
856 40 _3 PDF, Mobi and epub versions _u http://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo46289        

Customers of our MARCIVE WebDOCS can find these by searching “ebook” in the “Notes” or “Anyword” search from the Combined Search screen. We have created a 599 field with “Ebook” for this purpose.

If you want us to treat these records differently; e.g. put them in a separate file, or create a different holding code for them, please contact Jim Noël at [email protected]. There is a one-time charge for this option.


Cataloging Record Distribution Program

Written by Joan on August 18, 2010. Posted in Government Documents


he U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has initiated the eighth year of the record distribution process, titled the Cataloging Record Distribution Program.  It will begin on October 1, 2017, and will run through September 30, 2018. Participation in the program includes 180 libraries, and currently, there are 15 few slots open.

The main criteria to join the program is to be a depository library.  It is also required to profile to receive at least 10 records a month, retrieve the files promptly and load them into the library’s online catalog and to participate in an annual survey.

The openings fill up quickly!  However, a few libraries do drop during the year for various reasons, so if your library is interested, please ask to be on the waiting list.

There is a waiting list, so please contact either Kathy Beyer or Lara Flint at GPO.  They can be reached at 202-512-1119 or by using the Outreach and Support Contact Form.

Questions or comments about the project should be submitted to GPO using askGPO.

Technical support is provided by MARCIVE.  Existing CRDP libraries should contact MARCIVE with any questions about profiling, formatting, and receipt of files, as well as other technical concerns.

Shipping List Services

Written by Emily Garner on July 19, 2010. Posted in Government Documents


et your government documents in your catalog and on the shelf faster and easier with MARCIVE’s Shipping List Service. We offer:

  • MARC-formatted Brief Records – Receive brief-level cataloging records from us weekly for the items in your library’s item number range. With brief records you’ll get documents checked in faster and give patrons keyword access.
  • Smart Barcode Labels to accompany electronic records.
  • SuDoc Number Labels that help make your physical documents shelf-ready faster and give a professional look to  your collection.

Subscribe to any or all of our Shipping List Services – discounts available when you subscribe to all three services!

GPO Database

Written by Emily Garner on July 12, 2010. Posted in Government Documents


he US Government Printing Office (GPO) publishes a wealth of resources but most patrons never tap into this valuable information because government publications don’t typically appear in the catalog alongside the rest of the collection. Help your patrons utilize your library’s resources to their fullest extent with MARCIVE’s GPO services.

MARCIVE Enhanced GPO Database Service provides depository libraries a convenient and economical way to obtain cataloging for publications distributed through the US GPO. MARCIVE’s GPO file contains library-friendly records for all materials available from the GPO since 1976. This enhanced database was created through a collaboration between MARCIVE and librarians at Rice University, Louisiana State University and Texas A&M University.

Retrospective Extraction

Use our Retrospective Extraction Service to add cataloging records for all of your library’s government documents to your general catalog.

Retrospective records are extracted based on an item number and/or Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) stem profile that you create based on your library’s receipts. We’ll customize the record selection and output to your specifications such as:

  • Item record creation
  • Smart barcodes
  • Holding code creation
  • Split of records by format or other criteria
  • Utility holding records
  • Matching authorities records
  • Other specialized requests

Ongoing Subscription

Designed to help depository libraries get new materials into the catalog and onto the shelves quickers, our ongoing GPO Database subscription is a monthly service that extracts records based on your GPO item number profile. We can first perform Retrospective Extraction and then keep your catalog up-to-date with an ongoing subscription or just choose to get new records.

The customization options available for Retrospective Extraction are available for our ongoing service. Pricing is tiered based on the number of GPO item numbers selected. Click here to request a quote.