MARCIVE RDA Conversion Service Underway

September 9, 2013

Since January 2013, MARCIVE has begun offering standard RDA Conversion (RDACS) as a part of both backfile and ongoing authorities processing at no additional cost, and a number of libraries have come on board.   These libraries chose to have RDACS performed as a part of their authorities projects for different reasons. For example, the Univ. of Houston did it as a part of a migration project. For more information see the presentation that Richard Guajardo gave on this at the ALA Annual Conference at

We’ve performed this processing on a variety of libraries with different integrated library systems.  RDAbackfilelibraries

If you are a current customer of our Overnight Authorities Service, you can request that we turn on RDACS for free beginning with the next file you send to us. Here are the instructions:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] and include
  2. MARCIVE ID code or codes to be updated
  3. Full name of your library
  4. Your name and email address
  5. State “Perform full RDACS processing for OA”
  6. Provide your library’s organizational code from the MARC Code List for Organizations 
  7. Choose an option for your General Material Designation (GMD):
“Retain GMD in 245 $h”
“Delete GMD from 245.”
“Copy GMD to 500 note.”

Does your system still require the GMD (at least for now)? We can create one where lacking for a one-time nominal fee.

Want more information on what is included in RDACS? Start with this brief presentation at

Or contact a Marketing Representative at 800-531-7678 with any questions you have. We speak RDA!

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