MARCIVE’s 35th Anniversary

Since 1981, library professionals have turned to MARCIVE for efficient, cost-effective solutions to bibliographic problems. Highly regarded by our customers here and abroad, MARCIVE is a trusted name when you need authorities processing, cataloging, government document processing, retrospective conversion, and more.

We have heard a lot of nice comments. “I like that I get a person when I call, not a menu of options.” “You seem to keep your staff a long time. With other companies, it’s always somebody new.” “I like knowing I have the same rep from year to year.” “Jim and Joan are rock stars!” “Thank you for being patient with me while I learn our former employee’s job.” The common thread is our people—you don’t have to re-educate us about your account because we’ve been with you since the beginning.

Robert Fleming 1981 35 years
Cynthia Fleming 1981 35 years
Denise  Thompson 1983 33 years
Fred Rodgers 1985 31 years
Scott Fleming 1988 28 years
Blanche Wissmann 1988 28 years
Joan Chapa 1989 27 years
Kristina Fleming 1989 27 years
Wanda Leasman 1992 24 years
Jim Noël 1993 23 years
Elisa Garza 1993 23 years
Carol Love 1994 22 years
Charles Sliva 1995 21 years
Patricia Harwood 1998 18 years
Charity Fleming 2000 16 years
David Potter 2001 15 years
Mary Mastraccio 2001 15 years
Janet Hash 2004 12 years
Misty Fischer 2005 11 years

As a testament to longevity, here are our staff members who have been with the company over 10 years.ut the people who count the most are you—the fact that you needed our services and liked the way we do business has kept us in business for 35 years. We so appreciate your business!


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