Monthly Notification Resumes

April 23, 2013

Monthly authority Notification Service resumed April 18.

All current Notification customers received a message on April 9 stating that it appears the Library of Congress (LC) finished releasing the Phase 2 Resource Description and Access (RDA) authority records April 3.  That meant there would be no need to continue the special weekly Notification files.  LC says they will continue releasing replacement authority records containing RDA related changes but the volume will not warrant further weekly Notification.

MARCIVE, Inc. will retain the regular monthly Notification files produced April 18 on its FTP server for 30 days.  That means those files will expire about the same time as the final weekly RDA batch from April 3.  Then beginning with May Notification (approximately May 16) we will return to 14 day retention of Notification files.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience throughout this special distribution period.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any related questions.