RDA Phase II Will Begin Soon

Important News for MARCIVE Authorities Notification Service customers

February 14, 2013

An e-mail entitled “RDA Phase II Authority Record replacement by Library of Congress” was sent to all MARCIVE Authorities Notification Service customers on February 14.

This important message is intended for anyone involved with loading LC authority records from Notification Service into a library automation system.

Monthly Notification may soon go to weekly again!

The Library of Congress (LC) is currently preparing Resource Description and Access (RDA) upgrades to approximately 350,000 authority records. LC says to expect distribution of those records to begin the first week of March 2013. They also say they will distribute these replacement records through normal channels in weekly batches of approximately 160,000 records each. This is Phase II following the Phase I weekly distribution of a similar number of RDA records last August 2012. 

As soon as each Phase II RDA weekly batch is available from LC, MARCIVE will immediately supply all replacement authority records to every Notification client library according to its authority record history. We will essentially run full Notification Service immediately upon receipt of each Phase II RDA batch. That means every Notification client can expect to receive weekly (instead of the usual monthly) Notification files for some period perhaps starting the first week of March. We will continue that pattern until full distribution of all Phase II RDA authority records is complete. We will then resume normal monthly Notification Service. 

Monthly volume from LC is normally between 40,000 and 50,000 authority records so it is possible the number of records supplied to a library in one of these weekly RDA batches could be considerable. However, every library is different so it is nearly impossible to predict how many records any particular library should expect. Our advice is to plan on at least as many records in each of these special weekly files as you expect in a normal monthly cycle but allow for the possibility there could be two or three times as many. 

LC says they will give at least a week’s notice before the first batch of these Phase II RDA replacement authority records is released. When MARCIVE receives that notice we will send another email message to alert our Notification clients that the process will begin soon. Also, to allow more flexibility loading these records and, we hope, reduce the burden placed on some library systems, we will retain these special weekly Notification files on our FTP server for 45 days instead of the usual 15 days.

Finally, please be aware that regular monthly Notification for February is scheduled for next Thursday, February 21. This is not the first of the weekly RDA related batches which, as noted above, are expected to begin perhaps two weeks later.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and we hope you will not hesitate to call or email with related questions.

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