Resource Description and Access (RDA)


he transition to Resource Description and Access has begun. Are you ready?

MARCIVE is ready to help you, with new options available January 2013.

Education is the first step. LC is doing their part by posting their inhouse training plan and sessions for all librarians to use. See below for links to the Catalogers Learning Workshop to give your staff the same training as LC’s.

Gauge your library system’s readiness. Your vendor has likely made changes to accept new fields. How records will be searched, indexed, and displayed is an ongoing process.

Load new and changed authority records. RDA authority records exist side by side with AACR2 authorities in both your system and LC’s. Have a method for the automatic upgrade of authority records, such as MARCIVE’s Notification Service.

Develop a plan for making your catalog consistent. MARCIVE representatives will work with you to evaluate your library’s needs and help you make a plan. Authorities processing is an excellent way to ready your database. Ask about our RDA options.

As of September 2014, we have now performed over 50 conversions for academic, public, school, law, and special libraries of all sizes, with various systems, and different characteristics.  Call the experts for advice on your own individual project.

We speak RDA!





Literature & Forms

RDA Conversion Service and authorities processing are intrinsically linked, so there is only one profile to obtain both services.

Backfile Profile - See your options for beginning a project for RDA conversion and authorities upgrade of your existing database

Backfile Profile Pt. 2 Guide - Helpful in answering questions about how to fill out the Backfile Profile