Year End Funds

It’s That Time of Year!

All year your budget has been static, and now just as the fiscal year ends, your administration gives you the joyful news.  Your library has some year end funds that must be expended or lost.  Proposals are needed quite soon.

Here are five ideas:

  1. Authorities processing. You have wanted to refresh your catalog and update obsolete headings, but there has not been any money.  Send us an e-mail with the number of bibliographic records in your catalog and you will receive a quote the same day.
  2. Large sets authority control. If another department is using the year end funds to buy a big set that includes MARC records, get a quote from us on the cost of updating the headings before the records are loaded.  Discounted prices for high volume (this is true year round, just ask).
  3. Accelerated Reader and Lexile® Measures. Add information to your catalog that will help you find AR and Lexile.  Standalone is economical; with authorities processing, free!
  4. Documents Without Shelves. Your library does not have to be a depository to benefit from access to online government documents.
  5. ERIC MARC Records. This is a great way for a university or any institution that supports educators, to revive interest in and provide access to ERIC documents.

We are flexible and quick to respond.  Let us give you a quote today.