Homosaurus terms and authority records added to MARCIVE processing options

Written by Joan on April 26, 2023. Posted in Blog

April 26, 2023

MARCIVE has added new processing for libraries wanting to use Homosaurus terms in their catalog.  Our processing offers two robust options for processing terms from this thesaurus.

The first option is to add Homosaurus terms based on existing Library of Congress headings in your database. The Homosaurus Editorial Board has provided a list of over 400 Library of Congress Subject heading terms that they have identified as exact matches to a Homosaurus term.  As a preprocessing step, we will examine the 650 _0 terms in your data and add the equivalent Homosaurus term when available.  Homosaurus terms do not have subdivisions, so any subdivision in the LC heading will not be copied into the new Homosaurus term.

Examples: ____________________________________________________________________________

LC Access point:                650 _0 $a Gay authors $z United States.
Added by MARCIVE:       650 _7 $a Gay authors. $2 homoit

LC Access point:                650 _0 $a Body piercing.
Added by MARCIVE:       650 _7 $a Piercings. $2 homoit

LC Access point:                650 _0 $a Lesbians $v Biography.
Added by MARCIVE:       655 _7 $a Lesbian biographies $2 homoit

In addition to adding Homosaurus terms to bibliographic records, these added terms, along with any existing terms coded as Homosaurus (_7 $2 homoit) can be compared to the Homosaurus authority file. The terms will be verified or updated as needed, URIs can be added and the authority records for matched terms can be output.  These authority records will contain the Homosaurus assigned control number, and the authority records can participate in any authority control update service like Notification or Comprehensive Notification.

Examples: ____________________________________________________________________________

Incoming heading:  650 _7 $a Gender inclusive language. $2 homoit

Updated to:            650 _7 $a Gender-neutral language. $2 homoit       OR
(URI added)           650 _7 $a Gender-neutral language. $2 homoit $0 https://homosaurus.org/v3/homoit0002259

Authority record provided: _________________________________________________________________

001    homoit0002259
005    20230405151209.4
008    221108|||anznnbab||||||||||||||a|||||||d
024 8  $a homoit0002259 $0 https://homosaurus.org/v3/homoit0002259
040    $a MvI $b eng $c MvI $f homosaurus
150    $a Gender-neutral language
450    $a Gender inclusive language
450    $a Gender neutral language
450    $a Gender-inclusive language
550    $a Misgendering
550    $a Pronouns
550    $a Sexism
680    $i Language that avoids the use of gender-specific words, either to be inclusive of nonbinary, agender, and other gender diverse peoples, or to avoid gender bias.

If you are an existing customer, please contact your MARCIVE representative to find out how to add this processing to your current profile.  If you are not a customer yet and want to know more about this processing, please contact [email protected] for further information.


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