ePay System

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What is ePay?

The MARCIVE ePay system allows you to view and pay your invoices all from the convenience of your own computer. With Internet access you can:

  • View all your invoices since 2004
  • Print all your invoices since 2004
  • View your payment history since 2004
  • Pay outstanding invoices with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
  • Pay an advance amount on your account


How to Access the ePay System

Using ePay is easy. Just click on the link at the top of this page to access the system. You don’t need a username or password, just basic information that can be found on any MARCIVE invoice issued since 2004. Before accessing the system make sure you have:

  • Your MARCIVE Library ID that appears in the upper right of your invoice. It consists of four alphabetic characters.
  • An Invoice Number that also appears in the upper right of your invoice.
  • An Invoice Amount as shown on your invoice.

You don’t have to have use the information from the invoice you wish to pay, view or print. Information from any invoice issued since 2004 will gain you access to the ePay system.


Paying by Credit Card

If you wish to pay an invoice by credit card, you will be transferred from the ePay system to a secure card processing site.

Once you have submitted your credit card information you will receive an email indicating your successful payment.


Need Help?

Call us at 800-531-7678 and ask for help using ePay or making a credit card payment.