RIC provides a wealth of research and information for everyone in your community, not just teachers. If your ERIC documents on microfiche are taking up space but not getting used we can help by providing full MARC records for them in your online catalog.

MARCIVE’s ERIC MARC Record Service provides MARC records for all 436,000 microfiche as well as for documents now being made available online so patrons can link straight from your catalog to the complete document.

Choose the ERIC MARC Record Service that’s right for you and your budget:
• all records dating from the 1960s to the present, most with URLs
• only records for the microfiche collection
• only records with URLs

U.S. federal government document depositories may request special handling of ERIC MARC records that match U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) records.  We have identified about 25,000 records in the ERIC MARC Record database that represent titles for which cataloging was created and distributed by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).  GPO stopped creation and distribution of cataloging for ERIC documents in 2004 when ERIC ceased microfiche production. Handling of this 25,000-record subset:
• exclude these records.
• mark these records.
• upgrade these records. The library’s ERIC extraction will contain all the records and the subset will have either SuDoc numbers or Item Numbers or both.

Keep Up with ERIC with an Ongoing Subscription

For just $1,400 a year your library can receive a monthly file of ERIC MARC records. Every record will have URLs so patrons can immediatly access the documents directly from your OPAC.


Frequently Asked Questions

ERIC Profile - Complete this document to begin receiving ERIC MARC records

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Bringing ERIC Documents to Life in Voyager
(Presentation given at ELUNA 2011 by Liza Weisbrod, Auburn University.  Used with permission. Requires Adobe Acrobat.)
New Features in the Provision of Access to ERIC Documents Through Your Catalog (January 2011)

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