Lexile® Measure Enrichment

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he Lexile® Framework for Reading, used primarily by schools, matches readers with books, articles and other leveled reading resources. With Lexile® MARC Record Enrichment parents and students can see the Lexile® measure for a given book right in your online catalog. The Lexile® measure is added in the 521 field.

Beginning in August 2017, the format is more granular for early grades. See our FAQ for more information!

Accelerated Reader Enrichment

Written by Emily Garner on July 13, 2010. Posted in MARC Record Enrichment


any Pre-K to 12th grade students participate in Accelerated Reader programs in their schools. With Accelerated Reader MARC Record Enrichment parents and students can search your online catalog for books that are part of the Accelerated Reader program. The Readability Level is added in the 526 field so readers know if a selected text matches their reading level.

Summaries and Annotations Enrichment

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ummaries of books help patrons determine if they’ve found the right resources without having to go back and forth in the stacks. With our Book Summaries and Annotations MARC Record Enrichment your catalogers will be saved the time consuming task of summarzing each work in your collection and patrons will love browsing the catalog to find the perfect book rather than having to locate and skim dozens.

Summaries and Annotations are provided in logical paragraphs with multiple 520 fields that include setting the first indicator to value 8 on second and subsequent 520 fields in accordance with MARC21 standards.

Fiction and Biography Enrichment

Written by Emily Garner on July 13, 2010. Posted in MARC Record Enrichment


iction and biographies can be difficult to locate because of limited access points. When you utilize our MARC Record Enrichment Services for fiction and biographies, you’ll open up your collection for greater circulation and help patrons locate materials of interest.

Fiction Enhancements:

  • Genre
  • Sub-genre (e.g., culinary mystery)
  • Geographic setting (e.g., Great Britain)
  • Non-geographic setting (e.g., coastal resort)
  • Topics/Subjects
  • Time period
  • Characters & their attributes (includes names, profession, and personal characteristics)
  • Awards (both nominees and winners)
  • Sequel and series information
  • Annotations
  • Notes (e.g., Oprah Book Club Selection)

Biography Enhancements:
Significant personal information such as,

  • Awards and honors
  • Ethnic background
  • Birthplace
  • Current residence
  • Profession

Table of Contents Enrichment

Written by Emily Garner on July 13, 2010. Posted in MARC Record Enrichment


oday’s library users are often savvy online searchers. But searching the web is different from searching your online catalog. MARC Record Enrichment adds information to MARC records that will help patrons locate the resources they’re searching for, using keywords and terminology intuitive to them.

Adding Tables of Contents to your catalog records will add a great deal of information that will help patrons locate materials and evaluate their suitability before heading to the stacks. With Table of Content Enrichment you’ll add:

  • Acronyms and terms related to business, science, medicine, technology, software, vocational training.
  • New terminology for which Library of Congress may not have developed a subject heading yet.
  • Titles of poems, short stories, and plays in anthologies, for which there are no added entries.
  • Information about the suitability of a book which can be inferred from seeing the chapter and subchapter titles in an online record.


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e work with a number of excellent book distributors and online book dealers to provide libraries with cataloging when they order a book. Options include MARC cataloging records, spine call number labels, and smart barcode labels.

If you are a vendor and would like to learn more about this, please contact us.

MarciveWeb SELECT

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arciveWeb SELECT is a fast, affordable, accurate way to get cataloging for your new acquisitions, backlog, audiovisuals (AV), government documents, and other formats. Whether you need one record or hundreds, you can use MarciveWeb SELECT without a subscription and with no annual fee. Just pay for the cataloging records you need.

Use MarciveWeb SELECT records as-is, modify them, or create entirely new records to match materials in hand. You can also get customized products through MarciveWeb SELECT, including:

  • MARC records
  • Smart barcode labels (generic also available)
  • Authority records
  • MARC record enrichment (TOC, fiction/biographies, summaries)
  • Reading notes (Accelerated Reader and Lexile® Measures)
  • Book label sets
  • Catalog card images

MarciveWeb SELECT takes care of it all!

New!  Updated version of MarciveWeb SELECT released

Customers of this super easy-to-use cataloging system will be happy to learn that we have made several changes to the look and function of MarciveWeb SELECT.  Here are a few features, below:


  • New version is UTF-8 compliant and can display and edit using a wider range of languages and characters.  (Previous version was ASCII only).

Better Navigation

  • A help button was removed and now context-sensitive help is integrated into the user interface in the form of hints and tool tips.  Previously, the user had to navigate away from the screen to request help, then navigate back.
  • There’s now a single screen to select basic work form options.  The edit screen has all other options available, and pre-configured user level options are already populated.  There were lots of screens to navigate for each option with the older version.
  • All function buttons now bring up “on screen” dialogs without navigating away from the page.  In the past, the user had to navigate away from the screen to complete each operation, often going through several screens.

Better look makes for easier reading

  • Current version presents user with a maximum of 500 results and a maximum of 20 per page.  In the past, the user had 1,000 results but only 10 viewed per page, and had to click through an intermediate screen to approve the display of more results.
  • The MARC tagged display in tag order supports the full UTF-8 encoding set, instead of a labeled display supporting an ASCII only encoding set.
  • The “Do Not Order” function button has been removed.  This previously took the user back to the basic search screen.  Now the user may instead return to the search results of where the search originated, or begin a new search.

Easier editing

  • Problems with incorrectly formed records are avoided, now that changing tags for non-repeatable fields is not allowed.  Also users cannot remove critical fields such as the 001 and 245.
  • Full support for special Latin characters and diacritics using specialized “keypad” displays has been implemented.  These previously had to be entered through special codes on a separate page.  Additionally, there is full support for Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew characters.

You’ll notice more changes as well, and we hope you like what you see!  If you have questions about the new version, need help with your profile, or would like more information about MarciveWeb SELECT, please contact us at [email protected].

GPO Database

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he US Government Printing Office (GPO) publishes a wealth of resources but most patrons never tap into this valuable information because government publications don’t typically appear in the catalog alongside the rest of the collection. Help your patrons utilize your library’s resources to their fullest extent with MARCIVE’s GPO services.

MARCIVE Enhanced GPO Database Service provides depository libraries a convenient and economical way to obtain cataloging for publications distributed through the US GPO. MARCIVE’s GPO file contains library-friendly records for all materials available from the GPO since 1976. This enhanced database was created through a collaboration between MARCIVE and librarians at Rice University, Louisiana State University and Texas A&M University.

Retrospective Extraction

Use our Retrospective Extraction Service to add cataloging records for all of your library’s government documents to your general catalog.

Retrospective records are extracted based on an item number and/or Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) stem profile that you create based on your library’s receipts. We’ll customize the record selection and output to your specifications such as:

  • Item record creation
  • Smart barcodes
  • Holding code creation
  • Split of records by format or other criteria
  • Utility holding records
  • Matching authorities records
  • Other specialized requests

Ongoing Subscription

Designed to help depository libraries get new materials into the catalog and onto the shelves quickers, our ongoing GPO Database subscription is a monthly service that extracts records based on your GPO item number profile. We can first perform Retrospective Extraction and then keep your catalog up-to-date with an ongoing subscription or just choose to get new records.

The customization options available for Retrospective Extraction are available for our ongoing service. Pricing is tiered based on the number of GPO item numbers selected. Click here to request a quote.

Cataloging Services

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educe your cataloging expenses without sacrificing quality by using MARCIVE’s full range of Cataloging Services:

  • MARC Records
    • with authority control
    • with Table of Contents and other enrichment
    • with Accelerated Reader and other reading notes
    • customized to your specifications
  • Barcode Labels
    • smart
    • generic (“dumb”)
  • Spine Label Sets
  • Catalog Card Images

Our Cataloging Services provide you access to high quality records from numerous sources, including:

  • Library of Congress (LC)
  • National Library of Medicine (NLM)
  • Library and Archives of Canada (LAC)
  • A/V Access (Baker & Taylor)
  • Government Printing Office (GPO)

No subscription, no annual fee!

See our cataloging price list.

Brief Record Upgrade

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igrating to a new system is exciting but it also sheds light on all of the errors, work-arounds and inconsistencies in your current system. Start off on the right foot in your new system by letting MARCIVE update all of your records and establish consistency throughout the database.

Every migration project is different so the MARCIVE team will evaluate your current database and make recommendations for improvement prior to importing it into your new system.  An integrated library system (ILS) data migration is an excellent time to make the data consistent and add value with different forms of enrichment.

Enrichment (Table of Contents, Fiction/Biography, and Summaries) can be added conveniently and affordably during a Brief Record Upgrade (BRU) project. Reading notes (Lexile Measures®,  and Accelerated Reader) can be added for free.

All BRU projects include authorities processing at no additional cost.  In fact, sometimes the only service your database needs is Authorities Processing.  We will propose the most cost-effective database cleanup needed, whether BRU, authority control, enrichment, custom processing, or a combination.

As of 2018, we no longer offer “traditional” retrospective conversion from shelflist catalog cards or printed lists.  However, you can still perform retro projects with us using MarciveWeb SELECT.  Please contact Customer Service to learn how.


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