Resource Description and Access (RDA)

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he transition to Resource Description and Access has begun. Are you ready?

MARCIVE is ready to help you, with new options available since January 2013.

Education is the first step. LC is doing their part by posting their in-house training plan and sessions for all librarians to use. See below for links to the Catalogers Learning Workshop to give your staff the same training as LC’s.

Gauge your library system’s readiness. Your vendor has likely made changes to accept new fields. How records will be searched, indexed, and displayed is an ongoing process.

Load new and changed authority records. RDA authority records exist side by side with AACR2 authorities in both your system and LC’s. Have a method for the automatic upgrade of authority records, such as MARCIVE’s Standard and Comprehensive Notification Services.

Develop a plan for making your catalog consistent. MARCIVE representatives will work with you to evaluate your library’s needs and help you make a plan. Authorities processing is an excellent way to ready your database. Ask about our RDA options.

We have now performed over 100 conversions for academic, public, school, law, and special libraries of all sizes, with various systems, and different characteristics.  Call the experts for advice on your own individual project.

We speak RDA!





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ometimes during Authorities Processing headings aren’t matched because authority records haven’t been created for them yet. With NewMatch, we’ll hold on to all the unmatched headings we run across during either backfile or ongoing work and continue to check for matches.
When LC, NLM or LAC release an authority record for an unmatched heading, we will automatically send it to you – at no charge if you’re a Notification Service customer. If you’d just like to purchase the NewMatch service, that’s fine too.

Standard Notification Service

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ake sure your catalog stays up-to-date and consistent long after initial Authorities Processing work is done on it. With our Standard Notification Service, we’ll send you a file of new and updated authority records each month. Just load the file and save your staff the tedious work of checking for new headings and performing record-by-record updates.

For no extra cost, we’ll also hold any unmatched heading and provide you with the correct authority record when it becomes available from LC, LAC, or NLM. Learn more about NewMatch.

We now have a new way to provide maintenance on both your bibliographic and authorities files, with Comprehensive Notification Service.  For more information, see Section 8 of the Authorities Processing Profile: Guide.

Overnight Authorities

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eep your catalog consistent by passing new bib records through Authorities Processing. Our Overnight Authorities service quickly reviews and standardizes new records – even if the cataloging didn’t come from MARCIVE. There are no file minimums and you can upload records to us whenever you want – we’ll get them back to you the next business day.

Enrichment (Table of Contents, Fiction/Biography, and Summaries) can be added conveniently and affordably at the same time. Reading notes (Lexile Measures® and Accelerated Reader) can be added for free.

RDACS (RDA Conversion Service) can also be added to current cataloging processed through Overnight Authorities at no cost to the library.

Cataloging Solutions for Every Library

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ARCIVE is your catalog’s best friend. Whether it’s cataloging bestsellers, audiovisuals, scholarly journals or U.S. government documents, MARCIVE can help you enhance the usability and functionality of your library’s catalog. Explore our various services and then contact us with any questions or for a quote.

Authority Control Backfile

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ow can you make sure the people using your catalog discover all of the resources available in your collection? With Authorities Processing. When your catalog is consistent and accurate, resources are easier for patrons to find. MARCIVE will take your existing file of MARC bibliographic records and standardize:

  • Name headings
  • Series and uniform title headings
  • Subject headings
  • Genre headings

We use the most current version of the Library of Congress (LC), Library and Archives Canada (LAC), National Library of Medicine (MeSH), Genre (LCGFT and GSAFD), Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM), Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT),  and Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST).  Our specialized body of software also corrects obsolete MARC tagging and other problems that affect display and indexing in your catalog.

Enrichment (Table of Contents, Fiction/Biography, and Summaries) can be added conveniently and affordably at the same time. Reading notes (Lexile Measures® and Accelerated Reader) can be added for free.

At the same time as authorities processing, we like to do as much good as possible. Bibliographic records can be brought up to RDA compliance.  This is a free option for standard processing, both for backfile and ongoing work.  Plus we can add linked data, with no cost to you!

Not sure what your catalog data really needs?  Let us take a look!  We’ll get a sample from you, have our team review and analyze it and make recommendations.  If authorities processing is what is needed, we can process up to 1,000 bibliographic records using our standard processing options.  Returned to you will be the cleaned up bib records, matching authorities records, and associated reports.  RDA Conversion and linked data can be added as well, so you can really see all the good we can do for your catalog.  To this free test, complete a Database Remediation Analysis Request.


MARCIVE will be closed Dec. 23, 26, 30 and Jan. 2 for the winter holidays.

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